custom clothing pricing  

Most custom clothing projects are charged at an hourly rate for labor. The client will consult with the seamstress about the requirements, scope, and timeframe of the project. This initial consultation is free. The seamstress will then develop and give the client a breakdown of each step of the project and the estimated time each step will take. A security deposit of 25% is required before work begins. The remaining 75% may be paid in increments during the course of the project or paid entirely at final delivery, but all fees must be paid in full before work is delivered to the client.

If during the course of the work the seamstress determines that the work will take more than the estimated time frame, the client will be contacted immediately for consultation. No additional hours will be charged to the client without prior notice.

Most custom clothing projects require several in-person fitting sessions with the client; this is particularly true of bridal or special occasion wear. These fitting sessions are manditory. The seamstress reserves the right to charge for time spent if the client cannot reasonably schedule fitting sessions, and any supplies and/or security deposit will be forfeited to the seamstress.

Additional costs:
If the items are to be embroidered, this cost will be estimated separately.
If items need to be shipped, this cost is covered by the client and will be added to the final bill.
If fabric, lining, trim or other supplies are purchased by the seamstress, the cost of the supplies plus 5% will be added to the final bill.
Research time for historical costuming is charged separately at an hourly rate.

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